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Washington Association for the Education of Young Children
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Saturday Plenary Speakers 1:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m

Plenary9: Reflective Practice to Support Playful Inquiry, presented by Sarah Felstiner

Although play and inquiry are natural dispositions for young children, educators at Hilltop Children’s Center have found that in fact it takes a great deal of structure and intention to facilitate a curriculum that is truly responsive to children’s questions and pursuits. Specific protocols for reflection and study can foster a pedagogy of play, and encourage an attitude of inquiry for children, educators, and families. This session will offer examples of practices that support an emergent curriculum for young children, including Hilltop’s practices of Responsive Planning, In-Depth Investigation, Pedagogical Documentation, and Collaborative Conferences.
Sarah Felstiner is the Curriculum Director at Hilltop Children’s Center in Seattle, where she has worked for the past 20 years. Sarah helps guide Professional Development for Hilltop faculty, and facilitates the Hilltop Educator Institute, which offers tours, consultation services, and evening events for the Early Childhood Education community. Sarah has a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University, and an M.A. in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Professional Development and Leadership

Plenary10: Let Your Heart Sing, presented by John Farrell

The love of singing is universal among children. Join in celebrating the joyfulness of early childhood education and singing together where we’ll become immersed in community building musical experiences that stimulate curiosity, creativity, and empathy. This uplifting session includes interactive, participatory songs that reinforce positive attitudes and promote respect, understanding, and cooperation. You’ll leave with a song in your heart, feeling proud you work with children.
John Farrell is an internationally acclaimed songwriter, author, and peace educator. He was chosen to receive a 2016 “Freedom Through Literacy” Award from Judith’s Reading Room. For over 20 years he has been doing assembly programs, workshops and family concerts at schools, conferences, and community events. He has visited more than 1500 schools in 23 countries around the world. John’s songs and stories focus on understanding, empathy, nature, literacy, and more.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Curriculum and Learning Environment

Plenary11: A Change for the Better, presented by Patricia Nan Anderson

You see problems all around the families and children you serve. Poverty. Over-protectiveness. Lack of attention. Child abuse. Poor nutrition. How can one person make a difference? How can you not just give up and look the other way? In this session, learn how to a difference and how to become a true advocate for children and families. Find out how to inspire real change for children.
Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson is an expert in child development and learning with over thirty years’ experience in innovative programming, public speaking and guidance of parents and teachers of young children. She is author of numerous books and articles, including Parenting: A Field Guide and Developmentally Appropriate Parenting.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Professional Development and Leadership

Saturday Networking Lunch: Participants who do not wish to attend a plenary session can participate in the informal gathering to meet and network with other professionals. Continuing Education Credit is NOT available for participation in this option.