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Thursday TB Sessions- 2:00pm-5:00pm

TB03: Collaboration and Teaming; Working Together for Success, presented by Dia Gary, Central Washington University

This workshop focuses on discovering your decision-making preference and how your colleagues and coworkers make decisions. By understanding how we are “wired”, we can better understand each other to benefit the children that we serve. The workshop requires participation in completing the Meyer’s Briggs Type Indicator with the results analyzed and shared within the session.
About the presenter: Dr. Gary began her career working with infants, toddlers, and preschool age children in a small childcare center many years ago. Her experience has been varied with 28 years experience working in private and public school settings. She is a trained Montessori teacher ages 3-9, as well as holds a teaching degree, principal credentials, and school psychologist credentials. Currently she is an instructor at Central Washington University in the TEACH (early childhood) program. Her degrees include a B.A. in education from Central Washington University, Masters degrees from Heritage University, Principals Credentials from George Fox University, School Psychologist Certification from Eastern University, and a Doctorate from George Fox University.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Professional Development and Leadership
Who Should Attend: ALL
This session has a $30 materials fee. Participants receive the protocol for the Meyer’s Briggs Type Indicator.

TB04: Creating a Tranquil Classroom, by Kim Owen, Words Reflected

Weaving together developmental considerations, effective methods for helping children make positive choices, and how providers respond to challenging behavior, this session will help attendees promote a tranquil classroom environment. We will explore ways to promote and using positive guidance, including teacher’s triggers and responses, the environment, and the curriculum. This session will include several breakout times for attendees to reflect and plan for positive ways to address challenges.
About the presenter: Kim Bogren Owen has worked in Early Childhood Education since 1988 in a variety of programs and roles from teacher to coach to Quality Initiative Coordinator. She has been developing and conducting training on a variety of topics since 1991.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Child Growth and Development
Who Should Attend: Child Care Center | Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) | Parents/Relatives | Family, Friend, Neighbor & Relative Care Giver | K-12 Educators | Interested Professionals

TB05: “Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood”: Book, Fun and Inspiring Activities and Nature Tidbits to Share and Amaze your Students, presented by July Luthy, Nature Adventures

You’ll receive and be trained on the amazing “Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood” activity guide, designed for ages 3-6. It includes over 130 experiences that engage children in outdoor play and exploration. Each of the main topics includes neighborhood walks, background, art, discovery table, math, woodworking, dramatic play, and more. Included is an accompanying music CD that encourages children to sing, dance, and move.
In addition, you’ll learn fascinating things about Pacific NW plants and animals. Join us for a fun workshop and be ready to get your kids outside!
About the presenter: Julie has been a naturalist for over 30 years helping people nurture a respect and awe for their natural surroundings. Her enthusiasm for the natural world is contagious. She holds a master’s degree in Environmental and Science Education. Her field experience includes work in national parks, nature centers and Seattle’s Discovery Park.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Curriculum and Learning Environment
Who Should Attend:ALL
This session has a $30 materials fee. Participants will receive The PLT Guide Book and CD.

TB06: The Nurtured Heart Approach®: Unlocking Success and Discovering Greatness in Children and Ourselves, presented by Micki O’Brien, M.A Aligned Education

This fun and interactive class will teach participants how to shed light on what is going right with challenging children in the moment. The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a set of core methodologies originally developed for working with the most difficult children. It has become a powerful way of bringing Inner Wealth™ to all children, while facilitating parenting and classroom success. We will address “going right moments” in the classroom, in family settings and beyond; illuminating and building on ever-higher levels of success for children, their parents and Early Learning Professionals.
About the presenter: Micki has a master’s degree and is an Advanced Certified Nurtured Heart Approach® Trainer. Originally trained as a Montessori 3-6yo teacher, she has credentials in and experience with Special Education, Social Sciences, Multiple-Subject and Health Education. Other areas of experience and expertise include: contemplative education, language acquisition, expeditionary learning, Integral Education (applied developmental psychology), democratic education and strengths-based learning. Featured in the documentary “Autism, Love and Learning,” on You Tube, she is committed to using NHA, which includes helping adults see the greatness in children and in themselves.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Interactions
Who Should Attend: ALL

TB07: The Brain Architecture Game: Science of Early Childhood Development, presented by Allison Wilson, Eastern Washington University

Following an introduction to key concepts relating to risk and protective factors, participants will build their own brain using game materials, a roll of the die and life experience cards. The goal of the game is to build a brain that is tall, which represents functional brain ability, but is also as strong as possible so that it won’t collapse in later years under the burden of stress. Presenters will facilitate a post discussion on the critical period of brain development in the first 5 – 8 years of life, and our role as professionals to support young children, families, and our community. The workshop is appropriate for all professionals working across age ranges.
About the presenter: Allison is an Assistant Professor at Eastern Washington University. She received her PhD in Special Education and Early Intervention from the University of Oregon. For the last 13 years Dr. Wilson has worked as a Lead Classroom Teacher, Coach, Program Evaluator, Researcher, and Supervisor for programs serving young children and families considered at risk or identified with a disability or delay. Her professional research interests focus on personnel preparation for early childhood teachers, service delivery for young children and families at risk, and curriculum for inclusive preschool classrooms.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Child Growth and Development
Who Should Attend: ALL

TB08: 5 Key Elements to a 100% Outdoor Preschool, presented by Nicki Donovan, Roo Naylor and Ann Glaser, Tiny Treks Outdoor Preschool

We are excited to share with you through video, photo and practice what running a 100% Outdoors Preschool in the Pacific Northwest is like. We’ll speak to safety on the trail, mindfulness and dealing with parents of today, Why “Loose Parts” in a play area are important. Bungee Hiking © Giving a leg up © and Kindfulness in nature.
About the presenter: Ann began Tiny Treks NW 11 years ago in Redmond, WA and have been leading outdoor adventures for children aged 2-8 ever since. She runs the Tiny Treks parent/child program and also started the first Outdoor Preschool in Redmond WA 6 years ago. She has her BA in Geography and K-8 teaching credential from UW. Her goal is to help instil a deep love of nature, creating the next generation of environmentalists.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Curriculum and Learning Environment
Who Should Attend: ALL

TB09: From Curiosity to Skills: Inquiry Based Academic Achievement, presented by Regan Wensnehan and Rachel Donnelley

Do you struggle to place rising academic skill expectations in a developmentally appropriate, child-centered context? This workshop will share techniques and tools for creating a classroom environment where children’s passionate curiosity is fostered as they develop the skills to meet pre-academic and early learning benchmarks. Standards in Mathematics, Language Arts, STEM, and Social Awareness will be met through careful unit planning based in children’s own ideas and questions. Come explore the world of inquiry with us!
About the presenters: Rachel has been an educator for most of her life, teaching children of all ages, supporting families as they grow, and learning alongside thoughtful, dedicated colleagues. As the Director of Teaching and Learning at Giddens School in Seattle, Washington, she is able to promote solid academic practices while building children’s awareness of issues of justice in the world around them.
As an Instructional Coach Regan supports teachers as they plan and implement engaging and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Regan has served a classroom teacher as well as a coach for ages 4 to 12.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Curriculum and Learning Environment
Who Should Attend: Child Care Center | Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) | Parents/Relatives | Family, Friend, Neighbor & Relative Care Giver | K-12 Educators | Interested Professionals

TB10: Hip-Hop to Rock: Music, Movement and Literacy, presented by Mike Longoria

Music and movement makes learning fun, more importantly, this experiences during the early years is necessary for wiring developing brains for reading (Greenough & Black, 1992; Shatz, 1992). Singing, chanting, gestures, rhythm patterns, physical movement develop critical early reading skills (phonological and phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and confidence). Furthermore, this approach meets the needs of ALL children, regardless of their linguistic, physical, emotional, cognitive or social challenges.
About the presenter: Mike has a Ph.D. in early childhood education and has over 24 years of early childhood experience in the capacity as a Pre-K, kindergarten, and special education teacher, Head Start administrator, University professor, independent consultant, curriculum developer, and recording artist. Dr. Mike’s passion, knowledge, and innovative approach to early childhood education makes learning what it should be…fun, energetic, powerful, engaging, inspiring and exciting.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Curriculum and Learning Environment
Who Should Attend: ALL

TB11: Child-Centered Administration, presented by Sarah Felstiner and Joel Metschke, Hilltop Children’s Center

Many of us are attuned to arranging classrooms and designing curriculum with a focus on children’s experience and needs...but how can we extend that child-centered thinking to our Administrative work? What values, structures, and practices might help align our organizational systems with our beliefs about what children and teachers deserve? How can we build from our image of the child to arrive at an image of the educator that will inform the systems and structures we put in place to support teachers’ work? This open-ended conversation is intended for directors, mentors, administrators, and anyone interested in considering how a school’s organizational culture can support pedagogical intentions.
About the presenters: Sarah Felstiner is the Curriculum Director at Hilltop Children’s Center in Seattle, where she has worked for the past 20 years. Sarah taught 3-5 year olds at Hilltop for 10 years, before moving into an administrative role. Sarah now helps guide Professional Development for Hilltop faculty, and facilitates the Hilltop Educator Institute, which offers tours, consultation services, and evening events for the Early Childhood Education community. Sarah has a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University, and an M.A. in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College.
Joel Metschke has worked at Hilltop Children’s Center for the past 6 years, where he has occupied both educator and administrator roles. Joel manages the Hilltop Educator Institute, including coordinating visits, trainings, coaching, and other professional development opportunities for both educators and administrators. Joel has B.A. in Children, Youth, and Family Studies, and is nearing completion of an M.A. in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Professional Development and Leadership
Who Should Attend: Leadership/Administrators | Child Care Center | P-3 Educators | Adult Educators | Interested Professionals

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